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How Insulating Commercial Buildings Can Save You Much More Than Energy

Did you know that insulation alone reduces annual energy use in United States buildings by about 15% of total U.S. annual energy usage? Sometimes we don’t recognize how much of an impact we make on the environment. At Garland Insulating, our mission is to make a positive difference in the lives of our employees and the people we meet. That’s why, since 1948, we have not only committed to saving energy, but also saving you money. The U.S. Department of Energy reported one third of the energy used in commercial buildings is dedicated to heating and cooling. By properly insulating commercial buildings, owners can save more than $9.6 billion in annual energy costs. According to an article posted on http://www.usgbc.org/, The Orlando Sentinel revealed that Stetson University has saved over $15,000 a month in energy bills by installing 30% more insulation than required by building codes.


But insulating saves you even more than energy and money. To evaluate how we can provide you the best value, contact Garland Insulating for a FREE assessment of your commercial property. Overall, insulation can improve productivity, control condensation, reduce noise, create a healthier indoor environment, and improve comfort.

Improves Productivity

As many as 5 out of 7 office workers list noise as a key obstruction to productivity. Exposure to excessive noise is actually reported to cause poor concentration, stress, fatigue, and reduce productivity. Insulating commercial buildings’ walls, ceilings, floors and ducts can significantly reduce the amount of noise pollution in the building.

Improves Comfort

A comfortable climate is also a vital factor to employee productivity. Insulation prevents unwanted moisture and helps work areas stay a consistent temperature throughout the building. Businesses looking to increase the comfort of their work environment through improved heat blocking, insulating, and temperature control may want to tint office windows in their building.

A More Sustainable Environment

Proper insulation is essential to constructing a sustainable, affordable, comfortable, and efficient commercial building while reducing the negative impact on the environment.

To learn more about the many ways insulating commercial buildings can benefit you, or to schedule your free assessment, contact Garland Insulating today.