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Commercial Insulation

Garland Insulating has experience in a wide range of products for use in commercial applications. Our commercial insulation projects also encompass a wide spectrum of developments including office buildings, retail, warehouses and metal buildings, event centers, and schools. Our expertise and dedication to quality installs has led to steady growth in the number and scale of our commercial projects.

We provide insulation, fire stopping/rated wall assemblies, joint sealants and air/vapor barrier services for general contractors and builders focused on commercial construction. Garland Insulating is in compliance with the 2012 & 2015 International Energy Codes and can assist in the smooth transition to these stricter requirements.

In addition to our superior installation services, our years of experience in this industry allow us to take a more consultative approach. We examine the architecture of the project, troubleshoot for potential insulation issues, and find the best possible insulation solutions for your specific situation.

Our Locations

Garland Insulating operates four locations throughout Texas: Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, Bryan/College Station, and Austin/San Antonio. At all four of our locations, the goal is Grade 1 insulations, no matter the type of insulation. This is the highest rating an insulation installation can receive during a building inspection.

Dallas/Fort Worth

10912 Sanden Dr, Dallas, TX 75238
+1 (214) 341-0254


10723 Rockley Rd, Houston, TX 77099
+1 (713) 896-4608

Bryan/College Station

1860 Roughneck Dr, Bryan, TX 77808
+1 (979) 587-4879

Austin/San Antonio

9318 Sprinkle Rd, Austin, TX 78754
+1 (512) 548-6650

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Commercial Products – Acoustical & Thermal

Garland Insulating offers ThermaCoustic Industries TC-417 and Monoglass spray applied thermal and acoustical treatments for use in parking garages, warehouses and various other industrial uses. Fiberglass is often a superior alternative to spray applied cellulose products such as K-13. Spray applied fiberglass can be used on any new roof construction, or as retrofit to any existing sound, watertight roof assembly. Its ease of installation, no matter the complexity of the substrate, together with its monolithic application makes it an ideal choice.

Commercial Products – Air Barrier & Vapor Barrier

Garland Insulating offers liquid applied air barrier products such as Wall Guardian FW-100-A and spray polyurethane foam products like HeatLok Soy 200. As an ABAA accredited self-adhered and fluid-applied associate, we are capable of managing any size project while maintaining a high standard of quality and safety.

STS Coating’s FW-100-A was tested in accordance with ASTM E2357 and the final test results showed air leakage at 0.0004 CFM/ sq ft. This rating not only passes the ASTM E2357 Standard, it is 100 times below the allowed air leakage permitted by the ABAA (.04 CFM/ft.2).

FW-100 has shown the best results in ASTM E2357 testing among vapor permeable air barrier assemblies tested. Moreover, the assembly passed with only a 60-mil wet application of the FW-100. This is significantly thinner than the application in similar fluid-applied vapor permeable air barrier assemblies that have passed this test. The thinner application of this highly-engineered air barrier leads to one of the lowest installed-cost air barrier systems in the USA, resulting in a huge savings to the building owner while achieving the “Best by Test” performance.

Demilec’s HeatLok Soy 200 closed cell foam qualifies as both a class 2 vapor retarder, a water resistive barrier according to ASTM E-331 and an air barrier, and is certified by the ABAA and Greenguard for children and schools. These qualities combined with the fact that HeatLok Soy has an aged R-value of 7.4 @ 1″ make it the most effective and versatile product available for institutional, industrial and commercial structures. Closed cell spray foam is a great alternative to rigid foam board in commercial applications where air barriers are required because it creates a monolithic, seamless air, thermal and vapor barrier in one, which provides guaranteed performance while often reducing costs.