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New Construction Insulation

Garland Insulating has had a long and successful history with hundreds of builders and general contractors in the state of Texas. Quality workmanship, products and ease of scheduling are our main goals.

We specialize in new construction insulation projects for home builders and general contractors, multi family housing projects, and commercial contractors. Our team insulates many of the large single-family properties in the Highland Park, University Park, River Oaks, West University, Tanglewood and Memorial areas, family ranches throughout Texas, and large multi-family unit housing in major cities like Dallas, Houston, and Austin as well. Garland is one of the few companies in the country with the capability to run four proportioning units or six cellulose rigs on one project simultaneously.

Builders and General Contractors know they can count on Garland Insulating to be up-to-date on the state and municipal energy codes as well as current building science. We are trained and qualified to insulate homes that meet the strict requirements of the Energy Star 3.0 and Environments For Living programs. You can count our our team to get the work done correctly the first time, as well understand the full requirements for getting the most out of your insulation while adhering to energy saving regulations.

We are more than a team of installers, we are insulation experts who provide sound advice and can act as consultants on your projects. You need insulation solutions that take tricky architecture, interior design and a high quality of life into account. We can help make sure your finished project looks good and feels good on the inside while receiving all the benefits insulation has to offer: reduced energy bills, reduced noise, less pests entering the home, and more.

Types of Projects

Garland Insulating specializes in single family home insulation, multi-family unit housing insulation, commercial building insulation, and even ranch homes throughout the state of Texas.

We install insulation in single homes, apartment complexes, new neighborhood developments, and more. With Garland Insulating on your side, you can attract high-end, energy-conscious home buyers. Our superior insulation installation capabilities offer a higher standard of living in regards to in-home temperature regulation and noise pollution reduction.

Our Locations

Garland Insulating operates four locations throughout Texas: Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, Bryan/College Station, and Austin/San Antonio.

Dallas/Fort Worth

10912 Sanden Dr, Dallas, TX 75238
(214) 341-0254


10723 Rockley Rd. Houston, TX 77099
(713) 896-4608

Bryan/College Station

1860 Roughneck Dr. Bryan, TX 77808
(979) 587-4879

Austin/San Antonio

9318 Sprinkle Rd, Austin, TX 78754
(512) 548-6650

With Houston’s close proximity to the Gulf Coast and the high risk of windstorms, it is important to consider calling our Houston insulating location. Hot, humid air is ever present in Houston and yet, most of the homes in the region have vented attics and crawl spaces which intentionally bring that air in contact with their floors, air conditioning units, and ductwork. No matter where you are in the city, we can help, because Garland Insulating’s service covers the vast Houston metroplex.

Professional Considerations

Grade 1 Insulations

At all four of our Garland Insulating locations, our goal is Grade 1 insulations, no matter the type of insulation, spray foam or fiberglass batt. Grade 1 is the highest rating your insulation installation can receive during building inspection. This grade fills cavities without compressions, gaps, voids or misalignments and will be on par with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Garland Insulating commits to Grade 1 installs on every project to keep the inspection process smooth. The property owner may experience comfort issues like fluctuating temperatures and have higher utility bills due to improper insulation. Garland Insulating has superintendents in the field checking installs daily to ensure our properties pass energy inspections and provide customers with the highest quality control possible.

HPIP Platinum Certification

High Performance Insulation Professionals only supports companies who meet Grade 1 standards and expectations. Companies can join HPIP and work their way up to Gold and Platinum levels through training and industry endorsements. Garland Insulating has received HPIP Platinum Certifications.

Walls & Ceilings Magazine

Garland Insulating was recently featured in Walls & Ceilings Magazine for our emphasis on training and credentials. Walls and Ceilings Magazine covers the changing landscape of credentials for insulation contractors. Credentials are important for contractors because they set you apart from the less qualified competitors and research has shown a growing return on investment for receiving these certificates.

RESNET and JobWerks

At Garland Insulating, we strive to stay at the forefront of the insulating industry. RESNET is a not-for-profit body that creates the standards for building energy efficiency rating systems. Garland Insulating was fortunate to launch the pilot of RESNET—Building America, a program for the mentoring and assessment of high quality insulation installers. The pilot program was based on a joint development effort led by Garland Insulating and RESNET in the Dallas-Fort Worth housing market. The program features practical instruction, field mentoring, and assessment of high quality insulation installers. The foundation of this program is a tablet-based program—JobWerks Insulation Installer—developed by RESNET and Organic Think. JobWerks Insulation Installer offers the promise of an educated and skilled insulation installer workforce, giving builders confidence that insulation will be installed to meet the RESNET Grade 1 Insulation Installation rating.

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