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Reducing air leakage can lower heating and cooling costs up to 50% and improve comfort, health and safety.

INSULATION SAVES (in the Winter or Summer)

Your house is drafty, one room will be burning up, while another is freezing and you’re spending hundreds of dollars trying to stay warm. Garland Insulating is the Texas insulation solution for homeowners who are ready to improve their house’s comfort and efficiency. We can help you:

  • piggy bank iconSave money on your heating and cooling bills
  • heart iconCreate a healthier indoor environment for your family
  • Speaker iconDecrease noise
  • house iconIncrease the room-to-room comfort of your home
  • Globe iconContribute to a cleaner global environment
  • $ iconIncrease the value and durability of your home

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Cold air can travel through a home in surprising ways, something as simple as air sealing or an attic tent can make a big difference! Our free home energy assessments help you determine what products are the best value for your home. Our consultants inspect your house and attic, explain which insulation services we recommend and give energy-saving tips based on your home’s layout. We also provide a written breakdown of your options, the potential return on your investment given your home’s air conditioning system, level of insulation and current federal, state and utility incentives.

Seal it up with Weatherization

Our home weatherization services include sealing air leaks around ducts, doors, windows, outlets, electrical boxes, chimney flues and attic chases. Leaks between the living space and other parts of the house are often much greater than the obvious leaks around windows and doors. If your home is leaky, you are paying to recondition outside air on a constant basis. Air sealing also helps extend air conditioning equipment life.

Texas Air Sealing Experts

It is important bring in experts who understand how air travels throughout a house. Proper assessment and weatherization can make a big difference in the final results of a project. We believe in doing each job properly and offer warranties on our workmanship to prove it. If you’re ready to winterize you home or building in Houston, Dallas/Fort Worth, Austin/San Antonio or Bryan/College Station: