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Find Comfort in Your Home: Houston Radiant Barrier Installation

In the dog days of summer, it gets hot in Houston—the average temperature reaching 94° Fahrenheit during the summer. When it’s that hot outside, your air conditioner is working overtime to keep your home cool, but the more your AC runs, the higher your bills.What if we told you houston radiant barrierthere was a way to reduce your cooling costs by 5 to 15 percent during the hot summer months? You can with radiant barriers.

Radiant barriers are a type of insulation typically placed in a home’s attic to reduce the amount of summer heat entering the home, thus lowering cooling costs. Radiant barriers are made of a highly reflective material (like aluminum foil) that reflects radiant heat, which will heat anything solid that absorbs its energy. A radiant barrier is designed to reflect that energy rather than absorb it, reducing the amount of heat transferred from the roof to the home.

Radiant spray is one type of radiant barrier installed under the roof decking to improve the effectiveness of insulation and reduce usage of the home’s air conditioning system. HEATBLOC-Ultra—the radiant spray installed by Garland Insulating—works just like shade trees, blocking 81 percent of the sun’s radiant energy and reducing heat in the attic. The hotter the attic space, the more your air conditioner must work, costing you money.

Adding a radiant barrier to your home can noticeably lower your home heating and cooling costs, yielding an attractive return on investment. Radiant barriers and radiant sprays aren’t only effective during the summer months. In the winter, radiant barriers can also reduce the amount of heat lost through the ceiling.

For years, Houston radiant barrier provider, Garland Insulating, has been cooling homes in Houston as well as Dallas, Fort Worth, Bryan, College Station, Austin, and San Antonio. If you are looking for a company to install a radiant barrier in your Houston home, contact the Houston radiant barrier experts at Garland insulating today.