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JobWerks App: Tablet Training that Really Works

Expert Insulation InstallEnergy codes changed in 2015. Now, insulation contractors have to meet RESNET installation guidelines. RESNET works with Energy Auditors to determine the standards for insulation. Garland Insulating is embracing these guidelines and took a proactive approach by partnering with RESNET to pilot test a new training program. The JobWerks Insulation Installer program was created to help insulation professionals meet the new installation standards.

The JobWerks App is a revolutionary, tablet-based application developed by RESNET and Organic Think. JobWerks teaches insulation installers how to properly install all types of insulation according to a curated library of best practices, with the help of photo and video programs from trusted industry resources. The program also helps project managers and company field supervisors to mentor and assess the installer’s performance, so they can make sure they are meeting code requirements. This helps teams prepare for evaluations by Energy Raters, so that when the house is evaluated they know everything will check out just fine.

JobWerks is used on the job for hands-on training and to ensure that the job gets done correctly. Since the installer is evaluated on the spot, JobWerks helps create an internally transparent record of job performance and rewards people for good job performance. Better installation performance means better energy efficiency for the homes we work on.

Garland Insulating is one of the first companies to adopt this essential tool. Our Operations Manager, Cardice Howard, gave a presentation on the JobWerks Insulation Installer Tool at the 2015 Insulate America Stockholders meeting. She also partnered with RESNET to help launch their pilot program effort for insulation installers with Insulate America. Her leadership has allowed Garland Insulating to stay at the forefront of changes in the insulation industry. Garland Insulating cares strongly about the education of insulation installers because we care about the quality of our work. We are interested in any opportunity that allows us to improve the quality of our installs. We will continue to strive for improved training and education to produce more qualified insulation contractors. Give us a call or contact us online and we will put together a package that fits your insulation needs.