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Garland Insulating Recognized by Walls & Ceilings Magazine for Emphasis on Training & Credentials

Walls & CeilingsGarland Insulating was recently featured in Walls & Ceilings Magazine for our emphasis on training and credentials. Our very own Cardice Howard, Operations Manager, was honored as a “great champion of training for this industry.”

“I can’t even imagine a company not investing in training and credentials,” she says. “As insulation contractors, we have to bring value to ourselves… We (insulation contractors) have to be educated and trained. Builders will tell you that they generate sales by building a quality product. As an insulation contractor, we have to generate sales by installing a quality product. With the educated homeowner doing their own research, and the builder trying to meet and exceed building codes to compete, we need to focus on systems to meet the needs of the energy conscious homeowner and the builder trying to get a Grade 1 install.”

Walls and Ceilings Magazine covers the changing landscape of credentials for insulation contractors. Credentials are important for contractors because they set you apart from the less qualified competitors and research has shown a growing return on investment for receiving these certificates. In the past, there have been credentials and certificates to earn for many products and systems, but no overarching certificate that came with a comprehensive training course. To meet that need, a unified system called HPIP (High Performance Insulation Professionals) was created so that builders and consumers can see if an insulation contractor is trained to offer the best systems on the market. It’s one of the most comprehensive training programs in the insulation industry. All four of the Garland Insulating branches achieved HPIP Platinum Member status in May of this year. Gold and Platinum membership is reached by working up the levels of HPIP through training and industry endorsements. Platinum members train and certify their crews on a regular basis and are recognized as the best insulation contractors in the country.

RESNET’s training was also mentioned. RESNET is a nonprofit that offers coursework and training that is eligible for accreditation. Cardice is partnering with RESNET to launch a pilot program for training and mentoring insulation contractors in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.