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Garland Insulating Completes 20,000 Sq. Ft. Texas Metal Building Insulation Project


Insulation Keeps Metal Buildings Cool

Working inside a metal building in Texas is hot in the summer and cold in the winter, but Garland Insulating can make your work environment much more pleasant by adding the right insulation to your metal building. Garland Insulating recently completed a Texas metal building insulation project that allows one of their clients to keep their workplace 20-30 degrees cooler than before! CMG Construction, Inc.’s structural drilling division, has a 20,000 square foot workshop in Austin, where they operate massive machinery to drill holes into concrete piers. You can find different types of machinery such as cranes for your building needs at Assist Hire (if you live in Australia), alternatively, you can visit your local hire company to see what they offer. But the building has no AC and the combination of machinery, the metal walls, and the summer heat made working in the building difficult to bear. This just shows how a metal heat treating service is a necessity in cases like this as well as a myriad of others in the commercial line.

Thermal Paint Barriers

Garland Insulating evaluated the property and proposed an insulation package including 2 inch closed cell spray foam and thermal barrier paint. The dense spray foam blocks 97% of all air permeability, keeping the hot air outside in the summer and cold air outside in the winter. The thermal barrier paint one of the companion products Garland Insulating uses with spray foam. This specially formulated paint provides the 15-minute fire resistance required by the IBCC, International Building Code Compliance for all exposed foam.

Spray Foam Insulation Houston, Texas Metal Building InsulationClosed Cell Spray Foam

Garland Insulating chose closed cell spray foam insulation for this project because of its high durability and R-Value. Closed cell spray foam is perfect for metal buildings that are exposed to the elements and need insulation that holds up against mother nature. Closed cell spray foam also has the added benefit of increasing the tensile strength of metal buildings by 300%. A note for homeowners: while closed cell spray foam is a great value for metal buildings, Garland Insulating typically recommends open cell spray foam for use inside homes.

Insulation Improves Working Conditions

Jonathan Heathington, Operations Manager for the Austin/San Antonio area oversaw the project, making sure that CMG Construction received the full benefits from their new insulation! Since the installation, they have seen a remarkable improvement in working conditions. Noise reduction provided by the new insulation can also be appreciated by homeowners in the nearby residences.

Metal Buildings as Homes

The latest trend in efficient, sustainable living is the barndominium, a modular, prefabricated or converted existing metal building. These aren’t necessarily always used as homes; many are actually used in the industrial and commercial sectors, including oil and gas, retail, and agricultural needs. Many people are starting to see the benefits of such buildings, including its energy efficiency, construction time, project cost and many more advantages seen on http://www.norsemanstructures.com/pre-engineered-building-advantages-solutions/. When applied with proper insulation, these homes offer low-cost living and a high-quality lifestyle. They are increasingly popular in Mineral Wells out west of Fort Worth, and Llano and Horseshoe Bay outside of Austin.

If you have a metal building that needs insulation in Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Bryan or College Station, contact us for an insulation package that fits your needs.