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House Wrap, A Building’s Secret Defense – Texas Insulation

Building homes in Texas can be tricky. Your structures need to be able stay energy efficient when temperatures swing from below freezing to well over 100 degrees. Having proper weather resistance means the homes you build will stay energy efficient and save future homeowners money. If you have yet to move to Texas into your new home and you’re wondering what service you can use to move your belongings from your old house, research a Moving Company in Houston to see if they could be the right pick for you.

House wrap is a weather resistant barrier that is placed in between a home’s sheathing and siding. It is hidden when the house is completed, but immediately goes to work shielding the home from water intrusion and even helps with air filtration. One of the James Hardie siding benefits might be that it is compatible with a weather resistance barrier similar to this. To weatherize a building while it is still in the process of being constructed, something like a fire-resistant heat shrink wrap could protect it from the elements.

What’s in a Good House Wrap?

A good house wrap keeps water vapor from building up inside the walls, which can lead to mold, moisture damage and wood rot. Moisture can also reduce the performance of insulation inside of the attic and walls. Those struggling with moisture problems in Ghent may want to take a look at this specialist service – vochtbestrijding gent.

You need a great product and a great installer to get the most value out of any insulation project. We use Tyvek® Homewrap® on new construction houses and meticulously train our installers on the proper practices for this product. Tyvek® Homewrap® has microscopic pores that allow moisture vapor to evaporate, but are so small that bulk water and air cannot penetrate. This means that the product is able to allow moisture vapor to escape from the inside while resisting air infiltration and water intrusion from the outside. House wrap is helpful for homes in every climate but is particularly important for builders in humid climates like Houston.

House Wrap Benefits in a Nutshell

  • Most house wrap exceeds code requirements for air and water barriers.
  • Saves future homeowners money on heating and cooling costs.
  • Reduces air infiltration.
  • Offers great moisture control in humid climates.
  • Allows vapor to flow out of the building.

If you need a Texas insulation contractor who can help you protect your new construction from the elements, give us a call or contact us online. We have locations throughout the state ready to serve your insulation and weatherization needs in Dallas, Fort-Worth, Houston, Austin, San Antonio and College Station.