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Garland Insulating Completes Circle T Barn Commercial Insulation Project

Commercial insulation projectGarland Insulating recently completed re-insulating the Circle T Barn in Westlake, TX. Circle T is known for Texas-sized corporate and training events. The 16,200 sq. ft. barn will function as a party venue in a ranch style setting, so it needed to have a rustic look without the drafts and circulation issues that wood barns typically have. While they decided whether or not to speak with their local Pole Barn Builders in order to add an extra venue, they decided to go ahead with insulating their wooden barn. Garland Insulating embraced this challenge by pulling together an insulation package that took every aspect of this building into account.

The rustic design of the barn called for a ceiling with wood slats, rather than a flat ceiling that is sheet rocked and painted like a typical modern building.

FullSizeRender[8]Open cell spray foam insulation was the best choice for the ceiling design because it allows the builders to keep the rustic barn aesthetic while providing high air sealing and thermal properties. The building has recently been repair after becoming damaged in a storm and insulation had been removed in the process so Garland Insulating also applied foam insulation to the top of the roof for additional air sealing under the roofing material. If your commercial building has recently suffered damage similar to this then visit https://kansascommercialroofingpros.com/service/commercial-roofing/wichita/ for more information on what to do.

Another important consideration was the position of the Circle T barn. The building rests on a hill in a wide-open area, so it is completely exposed to the elements. DuPont Tyvek house wrap was installed on the the outside walls to give the barn an additional layer of protection. The house wrap creates a continuous barrier that reduces water vapor and air infiltration.

FullSizeRender[6]This commercial insulation package ensures that the Circle T Barn can stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter, no matter the temperature, or the number of people in the party hall. Do you have a venue or building that needs energy efficiency upgrades? Garland Insulating has locations serving Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Austin, San, Antonio and College Station. Contact us and we will be happy to suggest an individualized insulation package that meets your needs.