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Why Your Home is Hard to Heat – Texas Weatherization Services

feet-932346_1920A white Christmas may look beautiful, but for many people it means a high heating bill that dampens their holiday cheer. While regular heating maintenance from the experts found at https://sittonmechanical.com/heating/furnace-repair/ can reduce the need for expensive repair bills, heating a home throughout the winter can be costly. There are a lot of factors that can cause a house to be particularly drafty or difficult to heat evenly, but saving money during the winter doesn’t have to mean hiding under blankets and adding extra layers of clothing. This blog series will review the importance of winterization, home energy assessments and weatherization techniques like air sealing. To make sure everything is done up to the right specifications, residents will want to contact professionals such as macvik.com/heating/hvac-service-areas/morrison/ to help them with their heating systems and advise them in the best way during this time.

Insulation and supplemental insulation products keep homes cool in summer and cozy in winter by limiting the flow of air between a home’s exterior and interior. Properly installed insulation is designed to keep the cold air out in the winter and the warm air out in the summer. When your house has air leaks, you are paying to constantly warm outside air that has seeped through problem areas.

Having a properly insulated home:

  • Saves money on your monthly heating and cooling bills
  • Creates a healthier indoor environment for your family
  • Decreases noise
  • Increases the comfort of your home
  • Contributes to a cleaner global environment by burning less fuel

Drafts and cold winter air can enter a home in surprising ways, through small cracks like the edges of doors and windows (you need to look into window replacement if this is the case as they can have a big impact on your safety and your energy bills!), to larger openings like A/C ducts, chimney flues, and attic chases. Under-insulation can also be a huge barrier to keeping your home at a consistent temperature. Over 46 million homes in the United States are under-insulated, which means their insulation is not holding up to current standards, either because of age, improper installation, or low quality. Getting the right insulation for these homes and then using HVAC services (learn here about services in different areas), to do an inspection to see how the boilers are then functioning, will get these homes up to standard.

Texas Weatherization Services

The best way to find out whether your home is under-insulated or has significant air leaks is to have your house assessed by an expert. Contractor selection is key when looking for assessment and weatherization services. You need an expert who understand how air travels throughout a house and can present a tailored plan that fits your specific needs. Your assessment should be followed by a team that uses quality products and have been trained to leave your home buttoned up against cold and hot air alike. Garland Insulating believes in doing each job properly and offers warranties on our workmanship to prove it. If you’re ready to winterize your home or building in Houston, Dallas/Fort Worth, Austin/San Antonio or Bryan/College Station. Contact one of our four locations to get started.