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Save Energy and Money – Home Energy Audit Dallas

Home Energy Audit DallasEvery year when the refreshing cool turns to freezing temperatures, your house becomes an icebox. You sped tons of money trying to keep it warm, but the cold air still seeps in. Where is it coming from and what do you have to do to stop it? Garland Insulating can answer these questions and winterize your home, by sending an expert to your house for a home energy audit (also known as a home energy assessment).

Home Energy Audits

Home energy audits identify where energy improvements can be made through an evaluation of your home’s current insulation and air permeability. Problematic air leaks can pop up in surprising places, so it’s important to get a professional consultation from a contractor who understands home air circulation. When you contact Garland Insulating about improving energy efficiency, a home energy audit consultant will inspect your house, point out problem areas where the greatest energy losses are taking place and suggest improvements that are tailored to your home’s specific needs.

Your Garland Insulating consultant will also provide a written breakdown of your options and the potential return on your investment as part of the home energy audit. The return on your investment calculation takes your home’s air conditioning system, level of insulation, and current federal, state, and utility incentives into account to give you an accurate picture of your potential savings. If you have been having issues with your air conditioning and need a new installation to help with your investment, you can contact jacksonville fl air conditioning installation services, or ones similar, to see how you can be helped.

How to Conserve Energy

The plan to improve your home energy efficiency will likely include installing new insulation or weatherization products. Weatherization products are designed to keep outside air and moisture from leaking in. Outside air can enter your house through small openings around window and door frames, or large openings like attic access hatches, utility chase ways for ducts and furr downs.

Minimizing air leakage can reduce heating and cooling costs up to 50% while improving your family’s health and safety. It also improves the life of your air conditioning/heating system since the unit isn’t having to work as hard, to check if your unit is in top working condition, read into informational guides such as AC Repairs for Dummies: 2019 Full Guide. However, if you’re not confident in fixing your air conditioning unit, it might be better to consider contacting a HVAC company in your local area. Some people might not have heard of any HVAC companies in their area, however, this is probably due to the business’ lack of consulting with someone who can help them to become more successful. When running a HVAC company, it’s usually advised that business owners consider arranging an appointment with a HVAC CONSULTANT that can help more HVAC companies get their name out there so more people hear about them. That way, people will know who to call when their air conditioning unit breaks.

Home Energy Audit Dallas, Houston and Austin Service Areas

Whether you’re looking to improve your house’s comfort, energy efficiency, or both, the Texas home insulation contractors at Garland Insulating are ready to help you. Garland Insulating is family owned and operated and has been insulating/weatherizing properties since 1948. The Drum family’s dedication to the company has led to an industry-wide reputation for quality workmanship and superb service. Garland Insulating has locations serving major Texas markets including, Houston, Dallas/Fort-Worth, Austin/San Antonio and College Station/Bryan. Contact the location serving your area to find out how Garland Insulating can make your home a better place to live.