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Your Spray Foam FAQ Answers – Foam Insulation Dallas, TX





Spray foam is a fascinating and effective product, but it also requires a more complicated install than other forms of insulation. Luckily, Garland Insulating is here to make your foam insulation Dallas, TX project an easy and rewarding process. Check out the answers to some of the Frequently asked questions about spray foam insulation. Contact us directly online or give us call and we’ll be happy to talk insulation options with you.

When can spray foam be installed?

Foam Insulation Dallas TX spray gunDuring construction, your contractor will install plumbing, electrical wiring and HVAC ducts, then we will install the spray foam before the interior walls of your house have been completed.  Spray foam can also be installed on the underside of roofs and beneath floors in basements and crawl spaces during construction. If you aren’t doing an extensive renovation, then you may consider getting spray foam installed in your attic on the inside of your roof.

How does spray foam work?

Spray foam applicators are used to mix two chemicals together and as the mixture is sprayed, it expands to fill all the cracks and empty spaces in the area. Spray foam will adhere to most surface types including wood, metal and masonry, so it is a great solution for insulating unique spaces, or oddly pitched roofs.

Is spray foam insulation up to code?

Absolutely. Building codes address spray foam in the same section as thermal barriers. Garland Insulating requires specialty training from all of our spray foam installers to ensure our installs are up to code. We want our customers to get the most out of their insulation.

How does spray foam compare to fiberglass insulation?

Unlike fiberglass, spray foam prevents moisture from entering your home and reduces the likely-hood getting mold, mildew and allergens in your house. Spray foam has a relatively high when compared to fiberglass products and will not sag or settle over time. If installed in the proper conditions, spray foam insulation is expected to last for the life of the house.

Can spray foam insulation save me money?

Yes. Spray foam costs more to install than some of the traditional insulation options, but in many cases, the energy saved after the insulation and the quality of life improvements far out weigh the initial cost.

Want to know more? Check out our other Spray foam insulation blogs, or our Spray foam page. If you can’t find the answer, reach out to our foam insulation Dallas, TX office or one of our locations serving Houston or Austin/San Antonio.