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Garland Insulating Provides Quality Insulation


quality insulation

What is Quality Insulation?

At Garland Insulating, we believe that quality insulation can be boiled down to three main components. The first of these is a great product, which is necessary to achieve a durable install. Great installation practices are important also. Even with a great product, if the insulation material is not installed correctly then your home will not receive the benefits it should. Finally, great customer service goes hand in hand with quality insulation. Garland Insulating isn’t just in the business of saving homeowners’ money, but also serving the community and improving the environment. Talk is cheap and your electricity bill without proper insulation is not. Allow us dive into more detail about how Garland Insulating provides quality insulation.

Great Products

There are no shortages of quality insulation options when you partner with Garland Insulating. Our arsenal of products will ensure proper insulation standards are met whether the property is a wood and brick home, or a steel and concrete commercial facility. Our products include:

The underlying principle of utilizing quality insulation material is similar to using a high definition camera, the pictures taken won’t reach their full potential unless snapped by trained hands.

Great Installation

This line of thinking is exactly why Garland Insulating actively invests in the education of our installers through the use of resources such as the JobWerks App, RESNET conferences and more. Garland Insulating is dedicated to consistently performing Grade 1 installs, which is the highest rating your insulation installation can receive. In addition, all of our locations are HPIP platinum certified. HPIP or High Performance Insulation Professionals is an organization dedicated to certifying, awarding, and recognizing the top insulation brands in the industry. Not only are we recognized by HPIP, but we are also members of several prominent insulation industry groups such as the Insulation Contractors Association of America among others. Accolades aside, we feel that our greatest asset is our great customer service.

Great Customer Service

            Energy is expensive! That’s why we strive to provide our customers with expert knowledge on how to increase energy savings. This is why we provide free home assessments, so our customers can understand why we may suggest one insulation material over another or provide them with a thorough understanding of their individual insulation needs. Our mission is to make a positive difference in the lives of our employees and the people we meet, not only by providing quality insulation but friendly service too.

Great, Now Let’s Get Started!

            The best news is that you are just one call away from quality insulation in your home or commercial property. All you have to do is contact us at one of our many service area locations. We serve the DFW area, Houston, Austin, San Antonio and the College Station areas. Together, we can save you money, increase your comfort and benefit the environment.