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With Houston’s close proximity to the Gulf Coast and the high risk of windstorms, it is important to consider calling premiere Houston insulation company, Garland Insulating. Why should people choose Garland Insulating over other Houston insulation companies? Our people. Our people throughout the organization are passionate and determined to WOW customers with service by doing what others do not: anticipate our customers’ needs and fulfill them. No matter where you live or work, Garland Insulating can help, because Garland Insulating service covers the vast Houston metroplex. We cover the Woodlands, Katy, Houston, Sugarland, Victoria, Pearland, Alvin, Baytown, Galveston, Beaumont, Cleveland and Livingston.

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Hot, humid humid air is ever-present in Houston and yet, most of the homes in our region have vented attics and crawl spaces which intentionally bring that air in contact with their floors, air conditioning units, and ductwork. Air conditioning units are essential to surviving the summer so it’s no surprise residents visit sites like castlehomecomfort.com/service-areas/farmer-city/ to learn more about how the AC systems work and what the upkeep entails. Garland Insulating Houston uses proper air sealing techniques and advanced insulation to keep the hot humid air out. This also reduces heat load on the air conditioning system and reduces costs for your air conditioning units, be they a ductless system (like those on www.thecomfortdoctors.com/ductless-systems/) or a standard machine. It’s a win, win. Although more expensive, foam insulation pays off in the long run for most homeowners.

Garland Insulating recommends closed cell foam to help protect your property from water and wind damage. Closed cell foam is a certified hurricane adhesive and greatly improves the tensile strength of walls and roofs. Closed cell is also uniquely suited for flood zones due to its flood resistance even with prolonged contact to waters. Finally, closed cell foam prevents wood damage by stopping humidity from traveling up damp crawl spaces through sub-floors to your expensive hardwood.

If you’re in the process of construction, we recommend that you absolutely do not cut costs on insulation. At best, once a project is completed, improving wall insulation will be extremely expensive and at worst, it may be impossible. You’ll want to do this right the first time, because they are many benefits to advanced insulation. On top o0066 lower air conditioning costs and increased protection for your property, anyone inside the building will feel more comfortable in a properly insulated building. Once you have proper insulation and air conditioning services set up in your workspace, ensuring that you look into regular checks on your HVAC system and fan coil installation is one way to keep your systems running smoothly. What does that mean for your business? Well, comfortable workers are happy workers, and happy workers are productive workers. Don’t work in an office? Spray-foam insulation can transform the climate of your metal warehouse and create a better work environment for your employees.

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Interested in protecting your home or building from the dangerous humid air, wind and possible floods? Give Garland Insulating Houston a call today today to schedule a free assessment!