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Danbury Flood Damaged Insulation in Homes

Recently, flooding in Danbury, Texas due to heavy overnight rain left many residents with severe water damage in their homes. Between midnight and 4 a.m., the town took on more than 10 inches of rain, flooding several roads and causing Danbury ISD to cancel classes for the day due to hazardous conditions. There were no reports of any injuries and the Red Cross and Salvation Army came to assist those who suffered property damage.

Source: www.abc13.com

According the Danbury Police Department, about 50 homes were flooded, with some residents reporting as much as 6 inches of water inside their homes. In some areas, residents were forced to evacuate their homes for fear of rising water levels. Heavy flooding rains are a rarity in the town, located south of Houston, and many Danbury residents did not have flood insurance. One resident said, “I’ve been in my house nine years. I’ve seen it get on the road a little bit, but I’ve never seen it like this.”

The Danbury flood damaged insulation in many homes, leaving residents without protection from the brutal Texas heat. To assist the community in getting back on its feet, Garland Insulating provided replacement insulation for approximately 100 homes free of charge. The citizens of Danbury and the surrounding areas have come together to overcome the crisis and return to normal life.