What’s New?

Announcing a New Partnership with Bison Insulation

Since 1948, Garland Insulating has serviced homeowners, home builders, and commercial properties with superior insulation installation and consulting throughout the great state of Texas. Now with the third generation of our family running the business, our Management Team is helping to launch Bison Insulation, an insulation company based in Denver, Colorado with a seasoned local team.

Our leadership expertise and capital will help Bison Insulation become the best solution for commercial, multifamily and single family residential insulation in the Denver area.  We’re excited and proud to expand our footprint across the nation.

The temperature extremes of Colorado demand Grade 1 installations of any insulation product from spray foam to loose fill or batt fiberglass. When Coloradans (and visitors to the state) return from a hard day of work or play they’ll appreciate a cozy home insulated with the care and quality of the best installers and products.

We are passionate about comfort, but there are so many benefits of insulation: cheaper energy bills, a cleaner indoor environment, increased indoor temperature stability, and reduced pest invasion. Investing in improved insulation is often a great choice for home investment.

Bison Insulation offers a wide range of products: fiberglass loose fill, fiberglass batt, reflective insulation, cellulose wall spray, radiant spray, house wrap, spray foam, and more.

Not sure which product is right for your property? Bison Insulation offers free energy assessments – a professional will inspect your home’s attic, ventilation, and crawl spaces (anywhere that can benefit from improved efficiency), then identify which products are best for your home’s layout. You’ll be provided with a detailed, written breakdown of your options and the potential return on investment.

We look forward to helping Bison Insulation keep Denver comfortable.

Have an upcoming project in Denver? Contact Bison Insulation at: (303) 289-2600.