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Insulating Garages and Workshops: 4 Reasons Why You Should Insulate Today!

Summer is officially here and there’s no better time to transform your garage sheds into a small workout facility! Maybe a cool lounge area? Or a productive workstation! Maybe you’re interested in adding a couple of prebuilt garages to your property so you can have more parking space for when your family and friends come over. If you’re thinking about insulating your garage and looking to follow the Lock Up Garages structure. You will find workshops are more important than ever and we’ve outlined 4 key reasons why below:

  1. Insulation for Garage Conversions

During the summer, we Texans have to encounter the sweltering heat on a daily basis. It’s not uncommon for temperatures to peak in the hundreds day after day here. Insulating your garage enables you to convert your space to a place to lounge or a workstation. Also insulating your garage will immediately reduce the transmission of heat in the summer which means a cooler space. Conversely, the insulation will keep the cold air out during the winter, making your space much more comfortable. This is a huge perk to insulating your space. No one wants to be dripping with sweat while relaxing and enjoying hobbies in the summer or have chattering teeth due to the freezing cold in the winter!

  1. Store Personal Items

Without insulation, you have to avoid placing items that are sensitive to temperature or humidity in the garage. Making the choice to insulate your garage means that you can store virtually anything in it. It’s nice to not be limited to only placing weatherproof items in your garage. Insulation ensures that you can put your bike in the garage without fear of it rusting. You could even place an extra refrigerator in your garage without worrying about the fridge working overtime to keep items cool.

  1. Insulation Protects Your Pipes

The harsh weather can certainly damage your pipes which can result in a hefty bill if or when your pipes burst due to weather exposure. After a pipe burst, you have to replace the piping which can be quite expensive and also repair whatever water damage that may have occurred. This is a foreseeable nightmare that can be avoided by insulating your space. It’s better to make the investment now versus deal with the headache of a small disaster later.

  1. Insulation Protects Your Personal Items

The humidity in Texas can leave your space susceptible to mildew. Insulation keeps the moisture out of your space which protects your prized possessions. It’s far less stressful to proactively insulate your space now as opposed to reactively replacing your important items!

After reading the 4 key reasons to insulate your space, you probably want to know how to start the process of insulating your garage or workstation. We are here to help! One of the first things you can do is determine what type of insulation you want for your space. We strongly recommend spray foam for a plethora of reasons. First and foremost, spray foam insulates every nook and cranny of your space which will ensure that the heat or cold is kept out of your space. Spray foam essentially seals off your space which will keep your garage or workstation cool in the summer and warm during the winter. Ensuring that your space is properly sealed off can significantly decrease your energy bill since spray foam insulates 50% better than other competing products. Although spray foam may be more expensive, the cost is made up by the energy savings you will accrue due to proper insulation.

Are you ready to insulate your garage or workstation before the summer heat melts us all?! If so, please contact Garland Insulating and inquire about insulating garages and workshops today! Founded in 1948, we have been serving Texas residents and commercial builders for many years with a spirit of excellence and grace and we want to help you with insulating your space today!